Synthetic Soft Shackle

Introducing the synthetic soft shackle made by the makers of RimSling. This soft shackle is the perfect replacement of traditional metal shackles because it needs no tools to operate, is easy to open and close and is used to connect points together. Our soft shackle offers a strong, yet lightweight solution that will not damage a vehicle’s paint or body. These shackles do not corrode or rust making them outlast any metal shackle on the market and have many different applications on the rigging and recovery scene. Any place you can
use a metal shackle you will be able to use this soft shackle just as efficiently.


  • Only Weighs 2.85 lbs.
  • Won’t damage paint
  • Won’t corrode or rust
  • Various applications
  • Can be used in place of metal shackles

RimSling Synthetic Soft Shackle

In the Field Application